Jul 24, 2013

Booktopia Free Shipping - Twilight Zone DVD’s, Frazetta Doco

Booktopia have another free shipping deal running until Friday midnight so I have trawled through some of the bargains in Science Fiction and Fantasy  DVD’s to save you the trouble, though the free shipping deal applies to everything including pre-orders.  You might for instance want to check out JK Rowling’s Crime novel for yourself.  You can read my review here.

But on to the deals:


the-new-twilight-zone-season-one The New Twilight Zone Season One and Two are at 37% and 42% off respectfully.  If classic horror is more your thing The Haunted Palace ( a movie adaptation of a HP Lovecraft’s The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward) starring Vincent Price can be snapped up for under $10.  In a similar price range is A Vampire’s Kiss starring Nicholas Cage if you like a bit of romcom horror.


There’s also a documentary on the Fantasy Artist Frank Frazetta called Frazetta : Painting With Fire that looks interesting for those of us who discovered fantasy before Harry Potter.

For hardcore fans of science fiction the original Solaris – Solaris (Distinction Series : 2 Disc Set) starring Natalya Bondarchuk and  Donatas Banionis is good value at $13.95.




But by all means checkout their books as well.  The code you will need for free shipping is GIFTS.


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