Jul 16, 2013

The Cuckoo’s Calling pre-review

the-cuckoo-s-calling The news broke earlier in the week that the author of the The Cuckoo’s Calling wasn’t in fact Robert Galbraith but JK Rowling.  I hear that the one star muppets on Amazon apparently only turned up after that fact was revealed and until that point it had been reasonably well received for a debut i.e. positive reviews and reasonable sales (reasonable unless you don’t trust those dastardly publishers who are obviously lying and had to leak the fact that it was JK Rowling, because OMG it had only sold 500 HC copies in three months – seriously go back to saying the moon landings were faked).

I really would have liked to have read it without knowing it was JK Rowling, to have given it as clean a read as possible.  I haven’t read anything else by her but the knowledge that the author is competent and established does mean that certain biases come into play.

Still it will be judged on whether it holds my attention, entertains.  I am not a hardcore crime reader but I do enjoy the genre from time to time. So that’s all I intend to judge her on.



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