Nov 10, 2010

Borders eBook Price Drop

Bookseller and Publisher Magazine is reporting that Borders Australia is dropping its prices to compete with the iBookstore.

REDgroup Retail announced last week that it has begun reducing its 'already low prices on ebooks', which are available via the Kobo platform.
REDgroup ecommerce and digital managing director James Webber said in a statement that the ebookstore 'now has the best value offer for the Australian consumer'.
A number of new release titles are listed as significantly cheaper on than rivals Amazon Kindle and the new Apple iBookstore. For example John Howard's Lazarus Rising (HarperCollins) is priced at $19.95 on, compared to $35.26 on Amazon and $32.99 on the iBookstore.
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Not that I'd buy John Howard's memoirs in any form.

But I did note that Stieg Larsson's Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was about 8 cents cheaper than Amazon.  Lee Child's Worth Dying For was also about 4 cents cheaper than Amazon.


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