Oct 26, 2013

Book Release – Suffered from the Night

sufferedHeard about Suffered from the Night on the latest episode of the Outer Alliance podcast and after listening to the authors Julia Rios interviewed, I am intrigued and have placed it in next months to buy basket. 

But the internal discussion I had with myself around that decision was interesting.  It’s essentially gay and lesbian fiction riffing off the Dracula story and one part of my brain, that part that listened to the cool authors was going “BUY IT” and another part of my brain was going, “Its Gay and Lesbian fiction are you really that interested?”

Now let’s be clear here, I read authors who are gay and lesbian ( but their work generally isn’t categorised that way) but for some reason the marketing categorisation got me thinking that I wouldn’t be interested ( for a brief second before I told myself to stop being so stupid) it was almost a subconscious reaction, similar to the reaction  I would have to a book on golf or gardening.

Where have I picked up this conditioning? Is there some Australian male macho cultural baggage at play here?

So because I had this reaction, I am going to examine it closer.  If you’re interested in alternate riffs on Dracula you too can check it out.

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