Oct 4, 2013

Alan Baxter 3 Book Deal

I’m on holidays, hence your getting some news that would usually end up in my tweet stream. Alan Baxter announced this morning that he had signed a 3 book contract with Harper Collins via their Voyager Imprint.  I’ll let him tell you all about it though

There is no doubt in my mind that October 2013 will live on as possibly the most amazing month of my life. Not only is my first born child due at the end of this month, which is amazing enough news on its own, but I’ve just signed a deal with Harper Collins Australia for their Voyager imprint to publish my new trilogy in the second half of next year. Honestly, I’m bouncing off the walls here. Never has so much Snoopy dancing been done.

This news has been burning me from the inside out while…[Read On]

This is really good news and good to see someone who has been fairly upfront and open with his writing and his experience online get rewarded in such a fashion.  Success doesn’t happen overnight and Alan is testament to what hard work can do.

Congrats Alan (and Alex Adsett his agent).


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