Jun 11, 2013

The Toughest Girls in the Galaxy

I am an old time gamer.  I have somewhere the 1st edition of Warhammer 40K, I have legions of plastic and pewter soldiers sitting in the garage which will probably outlive me and the apocalypse. So I should not have been surprised by what’s on offer from the French company behind Raging Heroes.  To be fair they are hardly alone in what they depict.  But let us entertain for a second the possibility that the idea behind a kick starter aiming to provide you with 3 all female 28 mm armies is to redress the gender imbalance in tabletop gaming.

Did you manage it?

I offer you:


So ok the crafting of the miniatures is top notch. But the appeal is to the 14 year old male gamer (and those still 14 at heart).  It would be nice to see a woman wielding a chain gun with more than a singlet on. Below are some pictures of women in combat gear, notice the distinct lack of breastplates showing an outward indication of the wearer’s gender.  Notice how from a distance you would be hard pressed to see the lace corsets the are obviously hiding under those fatigues.

  germanwomenmilitary Military-articleLarge

How about some gaming companies start leading by example and stop playing to the masturbatory fantasies of young teens and older men who should know better.


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