Jun 29, 2013

Holidays on the Horizon

And what’s this? another post in less than seven days.  It has been quiet around here hasn’t it *crickets chirp* but dear readers I have been working and reading very hard.  Holidays are just a week away when I shall have all my time devoted to blogging and reading and podcasting.

If you are following on twitter you will be well aware that we, as in Me and the team, are relaunching Galactic Chat after a hiatus, on July 5th.  So I have been editing my arse off in post production and have interviews done two months in advance. I am so happy to be joined by some quality interviewers, some of whom are doing it for the first time but sound like naturals.

Check out the Galactic Chat page over here and subscribe or you can find us in the ITunes podcast directory.

Other than that it’s more reading and reviewing for me.  I am part way through the anthology Next which is proving to be a very charming collection and this weekend I shall be delving once again into Filipino Spec Fic for my ISF column.

There’s also a sekrit project I am working on that I am foresworn on pain of death not to reveal that could mean something special happening next year. 

Until I claw my way out of the editing mines.



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