Jun 25, 2013

Glenda Larke Watergivers trilogy for $15

Booktopia keep tempting me with their no shipping offers and I could almost resist this one except that I read this post by Glenda Larke where she mentioned some versions of her books might be hard to find in the wild.

So I went hunting and was pleasantly surprised to find  the Watergivers trilogy available for $15 (no shipping charge).  Now for those that suffer from a need to have all versions of the book in the same series of covers you might be disappointed but I can’t miss this opportunity to catch up on some quality Australian Fantasy.












You can click the pictures above to take you to the individual books in the series or click here to go to the view all of Glenda’s books available at Booktopia ( probably easier if you want to buy the whole trilogy.

The coupon code for no shipping is EOFYS and will work until midnight the 28th of June (3 days)


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