May 21, 2013

Sean’s State of the Blog Address

the-sea-and-summerApart from awards postings it’s been pretty quiet round these parts.  Truth is I am busy.  The day job which I do three days a week is sucking 5 days energy out of me at the moment and it’s getting on into Winter (cold and dark).

That being said there are great cogs in motion, momentous designs afoot.

Galactic Chat

You may have noticed there’s a slow down in Galactic Chat.  The reason for this is two fold: 1) I started my own podcast in December and contributed a number of interviews to that and 2) Galactic Chat is undergoing a bit of a refurb. 

I have been handed the conch by its founders and will be relaunching in the near future with a slightly different format and some fresh voices.  So keep your eye out for Galactic Chat Version 2


hell-on-wheelsI have done virtually no short story writing, but have submitted poetry to a couple of competitions and intend to submit one to a specfic anthology.


There’s been a slowdown in books reviewed this year. Due to the lack of energy and that some or the books I have received from big name publishers have been pretty ordinary- note that’s not bad, but they lack a certain something.  I sat down to read Graham Joyce’s Some Kind of Fairytale they other day and had to stop (its a non review copy) because it is the kind of writing that is just a pleasure to read.  I knew it would keep me from books I have to review.  Luckily I got in the mail the other day George Turner’s The Sea and Summer .

call-the-midwifeI have to rotate through my review copy so that all my publishers get a fair go.  I am hoping that after The Sea and Summer  I’ll be able to get into some works by Cat Sparks, Eliza Victoria and the anthology Next.


I must admit with the coming cold and the lack of energy my port of call has been good quality drama.  Therefore I have imbibed Season 1 of Hell on Wheels and Season 1 & 2 of Lark Rise to Candleford.  I have been greatly enjoying Call the Midwife and am wondering when Dr Who will get back to being a drama with touches of the same quality. Maybe they need some more Cornell writing.


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