Feb 5, 2013

The Subjects – an experimental and experiential project


Subjects_bannerI was made aware some time ago of a project to place some creative folk under duress, in this case sleep deprivation, and then see how that effected creative outcomes.  That project is begins on the 9th of Feb.

The Australian Network for Art & Technology (ANAT), in partnership with Central Queensland University’s Appleton Institute, is running The Subjects.

The participants are

  • Artists Thom Buchanan
  • and Fee Plumley
  • Author Jennifer Mills
  • and  New York Times best selling novelist Sean Williams

They will be spending a week in residency at CQU’s Sleep Research Centre.  Their sleeping patterns will be disrupted and they will be under constant surveillance.

And considering we live in a Big Brother future (though not quite the same one Orwell was thinking of) we can peer into the experimented minds and interact with the test subjects.

You can read about the experiment here

You can view the bios of the test subjects here

You can ask them questions here

I plan to follow this next week.  I know two of the participants and know they are excited by the prospect of participation.  Good luck folks

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