Feb 7, 2013

Post-it Note Poetry–The Cant of Pines

shot_1360193295858I was walking along one of the country roads that border our property – a limestone base that’s been compressed to the consistency of concrete. 

I was enjoying the cooler temperature and the audiobook of A Canticle for Leibowitz.  The road is well used and it pays to keep your wits about you.  The air was fairly still and I could hear a low murmur over the audio form my mp3.

An approaching car perhaps?  No.  As I got closer to a vacant property I realised it was the pines, seeming to whisper in a breeze I could barely feel.  And so The Cant of Pines was inspired.



The Cant of Pines

in pink and blue.
Needles sibilate in soft wind
As I pause to learn the cant of

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