Feb 24, 2013

Post-it note Poetry – Winged lives wagered

I know two poems in one day…no wait come back please.

Anywho, I was able to borrow Stephen Fry’s  The Ode Less Travelled from my local online eBook library.  It has one of the best sections on Iambic meter I have read in a while.  His first couple of chapters would make ideal material for a senior lesson in my view.  But on with the poem, written in iambic tetrameter.shot_1361682680599

Winged lives wagered

Two roosters crowed a dueling song
and mornings break still yet to come,
I lay and watched the stars explode
as with my hands I rubbed at sleep
that glued lids shut in pleasant dreams.
With fitful breath I did, it seems
up on the name of demons call
for plagues of mites or chicken flu.
For sleepless nights can lead a thought,
to winged lives wagered and souls bought.


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