Sep 8, 2012

Unintentional Silence

vampirehouseIt’s amazing how having no internet connection feels like having ones arm cut off.  Ok, well maybe it doesn’t quite but you get the picture.  I live on a farm, a lovely rural setting.  It’s generally quiet, except around harvest and wonder of wonders we can actually get the internet here (mobile 3g). 

So for 3 years it’s been pretty ideal.  I use Skype to talk to my far flung family, watch ABC IView, keep my finger on the pulse of what’s happening in Australian Spec Fic land.

Not as of Thursday though.

My first thought was Zombie Apocalypse, when I couldn’t get a signal in the man cave/library.  On rare occasions when I have had signal issues before the usual fix has been to move locations to the back room or more drastically, sit outside (thank goodness for lap tops eh). The problem usually rectifies itself anyway.

So its Saturday night and I have:

  • uninstalled/reinstalled the USB dongle
  • wondered round the back paddock
  • called the Internet company and asked if said Zombie Apocalypse had happened
  • been informed that rumours of a Zombie Apocalypse are highly overstated and that being 17km from the mobile tower I shouldn’t be getting a signal anyway(theoretically)

Apparently everything seems to be running fine on their end. But they have sent me a new dongle and asked me to test the laptop in another location, before they ring Optus and ask them to check their tower.

So other than weep for the loss of modern convenience I have also attended a short story workshop with Lisa Hannett as lecturer.  It’s a two day course split over two weeks and I am hoping to have a finished and critiqued story at the end of it.

I should use the time productively and write.

Fingers crossed this message gets through.

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