Sep 16, 2011

Writer & the Critic 11 and Galactic Suburbia 42

PD*3141165I remarked that it felt like Christmas getting both Galactic Suburbia and Writer and the Critic episodes at almost the same time. 

Of course Mondy and Kirstyn  just did the Outer Alliance podcast so I have heard them sooner than the usual monthly turnaround.

If your are new to the podcast go back and listen to them all.  Brilliant commentary and opinions on all manner of Speculative fiction.

You can stream the latest episode below or go here and download.



The Women of Galactic Suburbia briefly discuss the Hamlet’s Father debacle, after which I am pretty sure I won’t be reading any Orson Scott Card, no matter how good his fiction may be. 

He’s been relegated to the same box as Tom Cruise.

They also attempt to get me to buy Blakes 7, well not me specifically, but their continued discussion of it has me wanting to revisit it for nostalgia’s sake.

You can iTune them here or go here and scroll to the bottom and grab the mp3 file.

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