Sep 20, 2011

More than a lifetime's reading

Well you can now get a Kindle in Woolworths (they are grocery stores here in Australia).  Saw an ad on the television last night and noted that you could store up to 3500 books on them.

And it struck me that:

a) that’s a lot books to buy

b) that’s a lot of books to read

I wondered if that really was such a good selling point.

I did some rough calculations.  I am a fairly solid reader (obviously, hello - book blogger and reviewer).  I would manage a book a week if I am working and anywhere between 3-6 per week when I am not.  But lets say on average I would read about 80, 400 page novels a year.

If I filled up a Kindle  it would take me 43.75 years to read every book on it.  At an average price of $5 per book it would cost me $17, 500.  Yes I know you can get free books.

So is quoting a ridiculously high book storage number really a selling point?


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