Sep 11, 2011

Angel Arias coming out in 3 weeks


Angel-Arias_web-192x300Angel Arias, sequel to Burn Bright, is coming out in roughly three weeks time – October 3rd if Booktopia is correct.

Burn Bright was brilliant, a dark, slightly sensual YA debut from Australia’s current queen of Sci-Fi.

To my mind it leaves Twilight and its clones in the dust.  Vampirism, mixed with social comment mixed with sci-fi, with a dollop of Dystopia.

Not heard of Marianne de Pierres? Check out the Interview I conducted with her here.  She also has a flash new comic.

Marianne’s Minions have already published some reviews – Cecilia at Confessions of a Bookie Monster and Jamie in the video below.

This is the type of young adult fiction that us …err older adults can really enjoy.

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