Sep 30, 2013

The Liebster Award

liebster-award-e1355858473421-300x200 I was tagged by the wonderful writer Joyce Chng with the Liebster Award.  It’s been awhile since I have done one of these internet memes and Sunday Monday morning with the edge just coming off a migraine it seems about the right time.

So apparently the rules of this internet meme are 1) Tell readers and the NSA 11 details about myself, tag 11 people, and answer 11 ques­tions posed to me by Joyce

11 Things about me

  1. I learned to play Ode to Joy on the recorder rather well (though perhaps my parents would say otherwise), not as well as my sister who learned by watching me and was as good in half the time.
  2. I am an atheist and secularist.
  3. I hold a Second Dan in Chung Do Kwan, or Blue Wave School Tae Kwon Do, a post World War II Korean version of Shotokan Karate
  4. I attempted to join Royal Military College Duntroon but my knees were dodgy (ie wouldn’t stand the strain of running in boots).  They also asked really odd psych questions about whether I painted my nails as well.  Pretty happy I dodged this bullet in the end.
  5. I sat the entrance exam for Australian Intelligence Services in my final year of my first degree(and did I pass, you’re asking).
  6. I have appeared on national TV in a channel 7 “story” on prostate cancer where I played the average man on the street with no clue.  My sister worked as a paid actress and might still be on TV in QLD lottery ads.  Two people I have grown up with have featured in famous Australian dramas.
  7. I met( and by met I mean he was within about 6 feet of me) Pope John Paul II but it was raining and I went back and sat in the car (yeah that faith thing wasn’t ever that strong) before the speeches started.
  8. I work as a Teacher Librarian, but that’s the last in a long list of jobs I’ve held from Security Guard, Pizza Delivery Driver, Workplace Trainer, Jenny Craig Consultant.
  9. I have had to sign the official secrets act, sort of like the women who were at Bletchley Park, only my job [redacted] was [redacted].
  10. My Great Grandfather Lars Peter Koefod, was born on the Island of Bornholm, home to the Hammershus one of Europe’s largest medieval fortresses, and interestingly enough a water tower designed by Jørn Utzon, the architect who designed the Sydney opera house.
  11. There are no Star Wars prequel movies and no Highlanders after the first.


  The Official Questions that I must answer


1.What is the one thing you regret most in life?

Not getting serious enough about writing sooner.

2.What is your Myers-Brigg per­son­al­ity type?

INFJ apparently

3.Name some­thing about your­self that you dislike.

My inner editor, the bastard’s like a zombie.  I keep shooting him and he gets right back up.

4.Name some­thing about your­self that you are proud of.

In 2008 I helped survivors of a fundamentalist Christian health program(Mercy Ministries), shut down their operations in Australia.  They did the hard yards but I was happy to give them support and technical help and my blogging time.

5.What is your favourite book?

Too many favourites for lots of different reasons.

6.What quirk or habit do you have that most peo­ple aren’t aware of?

I like doing poor attempts of English regional accents, mostly after watching shows like Gavin & Stacey and Doc Martin.

7.Name your favourite char­ac­ter and explain why.

Wash from Firefly or almost any character that Alan Tudyk plays.  Strikes me as a good guy, the everyman, humour and courage that isn’t gung ho.

8.Name some­thing that most peo­ple dis­like but you secretly think is awesome.

Vegemite and cheese melted over bread in the microwave.

9.What is the last lie you’ve told?

Me:  No not I, it was the cat?

Wife: But Cat’s don’t fart.

10.What do you wish peo­ple knew about you?

Hmm. Not my secret identity obviously. 

11. If you could be some­one else, who would it be and why?

Nobody, I am pretty happy being a CIS white male in an affluent country and the grass always seems greener until you’re standing on it.


The Victims Recipients of the Much prized Liebster award are:

You readers.  Feel free to leave a link in the comments to your post. You can use the same questions as above.

This post was brought to you by TMI industries.


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