Sep 10, 2013

A Writerly Update

100_5458News, views and interviews – huh? Well I think the reviews have been pretty steady but I am surprised how only working three full days a week seems to sap all the energy from me.  But truthfully, while I may not be blogging as heavily, when I cast my eye over the projects on the boil at the moment, I am doing quite a bit.  So this is a writerly update  but its also me taking stock – bear with me.

Boiling away we have:

  • Plotting on my BFF (big fat fantasy) – I am about half way.  At the point where I really need to be immersing myself and working on it every day which I am not.
  • I am helping someone edit their novel manuscript - I recommend it actually, much easier to pick out structural issues in another’s work, to see the framework that helps make a good story.
  • Interviewing and post production for Galactic Chat – this is happily chuffing along.  The post production is a considerable load especially every week.  My admiration and respect goes out to all the silent producers. 

But there was a small gem, one of those wins that you have to stop and really appreciate before life moves on.  I received notification last week (and those on Twitter and FB will know already) that a poem I wrote was selected for inclusion in a print anthology to be published next year. Stay tuned I will be spruking it like no tomorrow when it comes out.

So until next time enjoy your reading and listening, we have an Hugo Award winning author in our upcoming Galactic Chat Podcast.


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