Sep 30, 2013

Lontar – The Journal of South East Asian Speculative Fiction

Lontar I had a very nice chat with Rochita Loenen–Ruiz yesterday which you will all get to hear an edited version of for Galactic Chat.  We talked amongst other things about resources for international non-Anglophone writers now that the World SF Blog has been archived.  So it’s with a smile on my face that I stumbled across Lontar edited by Jason Lundberg this morning. 

Earlier this month the inaugural issue of Lontar – The Journal of South East Asian Speculative Fiction was released.  It features a number of contributors who I have come to enjoy through various publications put out by Math Paper Press, Flipside and Rocket Kapre.

Math Paper Press produce some of the finest quality books I have set eyes and that’s just the package.  Lontar retails for around $22 plus shipping but for those of you watching the purse strings (like me) Mr Lundberg is compiling an ebook bundle.

In the first issue we have:

Issue #1 Contents
01. Etching the Lontar | Jason Erik Lundberg (Editorial)
02. Departures | Kate Osias (Fiction)
03. Love in the Time of Utopia | Zen Cho (Fiction)
04. Philippine Magic: A Course Catalogue | Paolo Chikiamco (Non-Fiction)
05. Jayawarman 9th Remembers the Dragon Archipelago | Chris Mooney-Singh(Poetry)
06. The Immortal Pharmacist | Ang Si Min (Poetry)
07. Stainless Steel Nak | Bryan Thao Worra (Poetry)
08. The Yellow River | Elka Ray Nguyen (Fiction)
09. The Gambler | Paolo Bacigalupi (Fiction Reprint)

Source: Mr Lundberg’s Blog

What interests me particularly is the mix of fiction, non fiction and poetry.  So until Mr Lundberg has time to compile the eBook version I will satisfy myself with Alternative Alamat available now on Kobo.

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