Nov 16, 2012

Submission day

100_5429-r35Well today is it.  The day that I set myself  to start sending out my story to the big scary world - my first bit of fiction in a long time. And while I still fear that I might be a literary equivalent of Frank Pickle, I realise that I simply must do it. I must send it out and get on with writing more. 

I will be aiming high, shooting for pro and semi-pro markets with the firm belief that I will be rejected ( you see I favour a rather stoic approach, what’s the worst they can say? No. Right?) but you never know.

My own opinion on the story swings between: a polished, well written work with some romantic tension and a certain realistic approach to post apocalyptic fiction and well… Frank Pickle.

So I don’t intend to report on the magazine who I submit to but I will note rejections.  I have set the limit at ten before I will trunk the work or consider a rewrite.  The purpose is to

a) provide some blog content

b) to work through the rejection process

c) to have a written record to refer back to in my memoirs to remind myself that the struggle is worth it

d) to provide entertainment/ a sense of solidarity with other readers who may be writers


Frank   Sean

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