Sep 10, 2012

Continued Silence but not the Zombie Apocalypse

Well it's not the Zombie Apocalypse, but it seems the wild storms we had that came through the state last week may have affected my local Optus tower.  Not that Optus or my provider have given me that info.

No.  I had to rely on regular bush telegraph for that.

Internode, my current provider insisted that I take my laptop to another location.  So I wearily trundled off to work this morning, laptop in tow, to test the signal at the Library.  Now I usually operate the modem their without a an external antenna as the library is about 2km from  the tower and I get full reception.

So I fired up the laptop and... no signal.  Which was the good news...I think.

So the two possibilities were that:

a) my modem was stuffed
b) that the nearest tower is having issues

After ringing Internode and letting them know I had tested the laptop in a new location, their course of action was still to send me out a replacement modem and antenna as they suggested it maybe malfunctioning.

So I was quietly confident that maybe all was not lost that I wouldn't have to be gouged by Telstra for their service, or worse still have to rely on satellite internet.

Then chatting as one does with library visitors, I discovered that a number of people in town on Southern Phone, a company that uses Optus, have had issues since Saturday and as of today have not been able to get service at all.

Apprently Optus know about the issue but have neglected to inform any of the other services that use the tower.

So now I am quitely confident that the issue has nothing to do with my equipment.  But until the issue is rectified things will be quiet around here.  Until the weekend I suspect.


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