Sep 3, 2012

Christian School give Harry Potter the Expelliamus

This may be embarrassing for the liberal Christians among you or those who have a modern Christian outlook. Or who can tell fiction from non-fiction.

From the SMH again:

MEDOWIE Christian School in the Hunter has defended a decision to ban all witches and warlocks from its annual Book Week parade and the Harry Potter series from the school library.

The school was one of many that marked Book Week recently by asking children to dress up as their favourite book character for a parade.

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So a tale in which a small boy whose parents are killed, but who uses special powers to defeat their killer and the great evil of the world is not okay, but characters from Star Wars are?.

I know its the witches word isn’t it.  Cause you know Medowie believe in

  • the existence of Satan and the reality of spiritual warfare. (not metaphorically, for realz)
  • the jurisdiction of civil authorities except in matters conflicting with the
    biblical witness and/or conscience

I wonder if they follow the direction put down in Deuteronomy 21:18-21 or conduct corporal punishment?

I guess they aren’t gay friendly either ( apart from love the sinner hate the sin). If it was me I’d be checking their science curriculum around evolution and global warming.

Oh and this was a pearler:

In respecting that right [we] do not stock books from the Harry Potter series, or indeed other titles which are the subject of polarising public discussion.

Yes don’t let the kiddies read anything that might get them to inspire or question. I wonder what the senior curriculum is like.  No Macbeth?

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