Dec 11, 2011

I am guest posting …

I was invited by Rowena Cory Daniells to guest post over at Ripping Ozzie Reads.  So pop over to hear me pontificate on book blogging and reviewing.

Sean the Blogonaut on Writers, Reviewing and Websites


Rowena has very kindly invited me to discuss how reviewers find an author via their web presence, what they look for on author web sites and finally, what they look for in a book.

Who is Sean and why should I listen to him?

Good question.  I am a teacher, a book blogger, interviewer and a reviewer.  I have been focussing on speculative fiction for the past year but I have had a life long interest in reading and authors. I review for traditional publishers, small press and conduct audio interviews for Galactic Chat. Now I’m wary of self proclaimed experts so I won’t pretend to be one.  I can only let you know how I get to know of authors and their works.

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