Dec 27, 2011

The Cream of Australian Specfic Podcasting … together on boxing day to have their second mega chat.  Fun was had by all and evidently there was just a little rambling by one half of the Statler and Waldorf of speculative fiction.

The show notes:

As we observed last year, the day after Christmas is a special one, dedicated to winding down after a day of feasting and gift giving, laughter and merriment. Things slow down – unless you have a taste for the mega-discount sales – and people tend to relax with family.

This morning, Perth time, at least, a bunch of participants in Australian podcasting joined together to record The Second Annual Boxing Day Super Mega Podcast. Participating were:

Alex, Alisa, and Tansy from Galactic Suburbia;

Ian and Kirstyn from The Writer and the Critic; and

Gary and I from The Coode St Podcast.

Sadly, Grant from Bad Film Diaries couldn’t make.

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You can download it here or play it below

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