Nov 13, 2011

A Plethora of Podcasts


podcastRegular readers will already be subscribed to the following podcasts (and if they are not –tsk tsk). 

Live & Sassy

First up we have Live and Sassy, Episode 2 with Jonathan Strahan, Alisa Krasnostein and Alan”Amazon is Not Your Friend” Beatts.  If you like listening to knowledgeable folk talking about the publishing and bookselling industry this one is for you.  You can play it direct from the widget below or download the mp3 here.

The Girlz from Galactic Suburbia
Episode 46 of Galactic Suburbia is up and this week it’s the full crew. They celebrate The World Fantasy Awards, talk about Kickstarter  and why people like to support authors/artists directly.  Oh an apparently they go through feedback this week (I'll believe it when I hear it).  The download is here.
Pre-Recorded Coode Street
Jonathan has a series of pre-recorded podcasts with various Science fiction authors while he and Gary K Wolfe have some downtime.

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