Nov 21, 2011

Not on Twitter…

images (1)but still want to hear what the cool kids are talking about?

Well Twitter’s not for everyone, some of us have busy lives, some of us don’t want to develop vitamin deficiencies. Some strong willed people draw the line at Twitter or Facebook or Google + or (gasp!) all three.

That’s cool. But sometimes you miss out on stuff.  Some of that stuff is important, like:

Creative Industries' Career Fund

As part of the Cultural Fund, CAL also allocates $150,000 a year to support individual Australian creators and those involved in the creative industries who wish to develop their skills and take their careers to the next level.
Applicants can apply for grants of up to $5,000 to undertake training, travel or other activities that will enhance their careers.
The application deadline for the next round of funding is 5.00 pm Friday 20 January 2012.

Click here to download application guidelines and information on the Creative Industries' Career Fund.
Click here to view some of the more recent projects supported by the Creative Industries' Career Fund.

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Some of it is funny, like:

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Sometimes I find myself having to go on a Twitter diet but to ensure that I can quickly look at important tweets for the day I use a semi automated service that collates tweets and makes a daily tweet newspaper. 

The service is called and my two daily papers are:

The Bookbloggers Daily


Austral-Asian SpecFic Daily

The first is general book information, the second is, as the title suggests, focussed on speculative fiction in the South East Asia and Australia/New Zealand.

You can subscribe at these pages and the service will send you an email each day letting you know the paper is out.

So please subscribe if you are interested, it’s free.

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