Jan 15, 2011

eBook Review: Sharp Turn by Marianne Delacourt

Sharp Turn is the second book in Marianne Delacourt's crime series featuring protagonist Tara Sharp. It's a departure from my usual reading, I am not a huge fan of the crime/romance/paranormal genre.  Indeed mention of the characters ability to read aura's had me rolling my eyes - it's a credit to Delacourt's skill and craft that I kept reading.

The Story
Our Protagonist Tara Sharp is an Amateur Private Investigator with a special talent(she can see Aura's).  In this outing she's hired by a Race Team owner to investigate who is tampering with his bikes and preventing the team from taking out the championship. She also gets to see more of the underside of Perth when she's called in to help investigate trouble at an upmarket brothel. 

What I liked
Delacourt's writing is polished, the story light with a hint of romance, a lot of action and bearable amount of that eye rolling aura stuff.  It's a quick read and despite it not being my usual fair I found myself quiclky turning the pages at the end to find out what happened.

What I didn't
The aura stuff - I don't know why this affected me so much.  I am perfectly okay with magic in a fantasy or urban fantasy setting, so I can't understand why I baulked at this.  Perhaps because I know people who believe this stuff seriously?

The Martial Arts - I found Tara's level of skill after one self defense class too unbelievable, especially considering her opponent. 

Credit to Delacourt though, her writing got me over these two roadblocks in my suspension of disbelief

Final Thoughts
If you like paranormal adventure fiction with a female protagonist, this one's for you.  It's a light refreshing read with a nice twist at the end.  


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