Jan 28, 2011

Angry Robot - eBooks done right

One of my resolutions this year was to read more Australian Fiction and Speculative Fiction at that. I also wanted to support and promote Australian Specfic Small Press Publishing, hence my support of the wonderful team that makes up Twelfth Planet Press.

It was being plugged into the Aussie SpecFic community(blame Trent Jamieson), however, that I became aware of Angry Robot, a global imprint based in the UK.  After some cursory investigation I note that they appear to be doing things right (from my point of view at least) in so far as their books are:

  • DRM free (not a big deal considering how easy it is to strip but it the thought that counts)
  • Not Geo restricted
  • Priced under the $10 mark

Now they are not exactly Small press, they were an arm of HarperCollins UK before they were sold to Osprey Publishing, but they are doing right by the consumer so Iam willing to support them as well.  Not to mention they are also picking up Australian SpecFic writers like:

Slights (Angry Robot)Kaaren Warren with Slights

Slights is a deeply intense, disturbing read. Death is not the end, but this is not comforting, heartwarming or safe. The misery memoir craze of the last few years has overshadowed horror fiction’s impact with (allegedly) real-life experiences. Now it’s time for horror and fantasy fiction to fight back.

And some upcoming Steampunk from Trent Jamieson.

Angery Robot's mission statement can be found here.

Those of you who grew up in the 1980's and we fans of the Fighting Fantasy series of books might be interested to know that Angry Robot's Publishing Director is Marc Gascoine, who has been tied up in British gaming and associated publishing for 30 odd years ( you young uns might also know the name from your involvement with Games Workshop)

Apologies to Jonathan Strahan(if he's reading) for the gratuitous use of the term Specfic)


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