Dec 13, 2010

Xmas Goodies from Twelfth Planet Press

It's amazing where social  networking can lead you.  

About a month ago I started following Marianne de Pierres on twitter.  This lead me to discover other Australian authors, like Tansy Rayner Roberts, Dirk Flinthart and the nifty crew at Twelfth Planet Press.

Twelfth Planet Press
I like what TPP is doing releasing a small  number of quality fiction titles per year, a mix of full length novels, novellas, and novelletes and very recently it seems they have started focusing on releasing e-titles through Smashwords which brings me to...

Chrismas Goodies
Angel Rising which I picked up as part of their 12 days to xmas specials.  I was able to buy the novella by Dirk Flinthart for $10 and get the eBook version in the format I wanted for free.

Alisa,  head elf at TPP, will be releasing a new  special each day as we countdown toward the 25th of December.

You should be able to get the Angel Rising deal until 6m West Australian Time tonight, when I presume the next special will be released.

Excellent eBook titles from Twelfth Planet Press
Angel Rising
Siren Beat
New Ceres Nights


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