Jun 10, 2015

Upcoming Book Release: Day Boy by Trent Jamieson

day-boyTrent’s new book is out on the 24th of June but its just occurred to me that Booktopia have been running a free postage promo for the last week and I hadn’t recommended it.  So here it is:

Mark is a Day Boy.

In a post-traumatic future the Masters—formerly human, now practically immortal—rule a world that bends to their will and a human population upon which they feed. Invincible by night, all but helpless by day, each relies on his Day Boy to serve and protect him.
Mark has been lucky in his Master: Dain has treated him well. But as he grows to manhood and his time as a Day Boy draws to a close, there are choices to be made.

Will Mark undergo the Change and become, himself, a Master—or throw in his lot with his fellow humans? As the tensions in his conflicted world reach crisis point, Mark's decision may be crucial.

In Day Boy Trent Jamieson reimagines the elements of the vampire myth in a wholly original way. This is beautifully written and surprisingly tender novel about fathers and sons, and what it may mean to become a man.
Or to remain one.

Booktopia have it for $24.95 sans shipping if you use the code word SNUGGLE before midnight tonight.


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