Oct 1, 2014

Writ. Poetry Review is Live

shot_1393622253215 After some teething problems that extended the launch time a little longer than expected, Writ. Poetry Review is up and running.  The site is reasonably minimalist, designed to showcase art and words.  It also looks as though it’s been designed with tablets and mobile phone access in mind. 

They feature a poet every issue and that poet gets a selection of their work shown and an in depth interview.  Then you are treated to a number of other poems, some from new or emerging poets and others from luminaries in the field.

The feature poet in the Alpha Issue is Scott-Patrick Mitchell. Some other names you might recognise are: Mark Tredinnick, Zenobia Frost, Nathan Hondros and Benjamin Dodds.

The Alpha issue features a number of poets (some 30 odd poems) and artwork.  I am pleased to find myself in very good company.

Enjoy Writ. Poetry Review


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