Oct 3, 2014

D6 Issue Three is live


Just click on the badge to the left and you will be taken through to the Dimension 6 page where you can download your copy of Issue One (in Mobi or epub format). Or you can click here if the image isn’t showing in your browser.

What is Dimension 6 and How did it come about?

Short answer - a collection of free fiction, free from a price tag and free from DRM but containing the some of the cream of Australian SpecFic Writing.

Long answer – read Angela Slatter’s interview with Dimension 6 publisher Keith Stevenson of Coeur De Lion Publishing.



Issue 3 features:

‘Shark-God Covenant’ by Robert Hood
You never make a deal with the Devil. But what about the child of a god?


‘The Last of The Butterflies’ by Steve Cameron
Let me tell you a story about when I was young and the world was a very different place.


‘New Chronicles of Andras Thorn’ by Cat Sparks
Just like his uncle, Andras Thorn wanted adventure and excitement. Unfortunately he found it.


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