Oct 30, 2014

Twelfth Planet Press – New Subscriptions Tab

12pp-newpink-webLG_thumb[5] Released on to the interwebs yesterday:


Twelfth Planet Press offers a curated experience of fiction that seeks to interrogate, commentate, inspire or provoke thought by way of the Twelfth Planet Press Tab Subscription.

Want to make sure you maintain a complete set of Twelfth Planet Press books?

Let us do the admin for you. Subscribe to have every book automatically sent to you on publication.

Choose where to start, whether to exclude any particular titles, or select ebooks or print only.

And when your tab runs out, we'll send you a friendly email with the option to renew.


Check out the subscriptions page here.  It’s well worth a look as I have found that TPP consistently produce a good product, paper or digital.


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