Nov 30, 2013

Focus 2012 from Fablecroft

Fablecroft have released Focus 2012, an anthology of Australian shorts here’s the lowdown from Tehani:Focus2012-Cover2

We are very pleased to announce that Focus 2012: highlights of Australian short fiction is now on sale! This ebook-only special anthology is the first of a series of yearly collections which will collect the previous year’s acclaimed Australian works. Containing only the most recognised speculative work of the year, Focus 2012 packs a big punch, for just $4.99USD.

So who’s in it?

    Joanne Anderton – "Sanaa's Army"
    Thoraiya Dyer – "The Wisdom of Ants"
    Robert Hood – "Escena de un Asesinato"
    Kathleen Jennings – illustrations and cover art
    Margo Lanagan – "Significant Dust"
    Martin Livings – "Birthday Suit"
    Jason Nahrung – "The Mornington Ride"
    Kaaron Warren – "Sky"

I have read all bar two of these stories and if you are looking for a quick read of some fine Australian speculative fiction then this is great electronic stocking filler.  Available at all good ebook stores.

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