Jul 6, 2012

Galactic Chat - Continuum 8

GCLogoSomewhere amongst working my butt off and migraineville the Galactic Chat team put up he recording of the Continuum 8 panel: Where Are All The Wonder Women?

The Panel features  Tansy Rayner Roberts (Galactic Chatter), Russell Blackford, Alice Clarke,  and Grant Watson.


Here is the panel description

Where Are All The Wonder Women?

There’s no shortage of female superheroes (or villains!) but few have attained the iconic status of, say, Wonder Woman. Why is this? Which characters deserve better? A discussion of female representation in comics.

This panel was recorded at Continuum 8, the National Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention, in Melbourne, on 10 June 2012. Reproduced with permission of those involved.

You can play direct from the player below or download from podbean here.


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