Feb 9, 2011

Subscribe to the Bookblogger's Daily

If you follow me on twitter you may have come across The Bookbloggers Daily that I collate and publish through the paper.li service.

Essentially I add people to a twitter list - in this case it's my "book bloggers" list and then the paper.li service collates all the public tweeted links these people make into a webpage format.  I find this useful for me as I try to keep tabs on trends in Publishing, Author comings and goings and what my fellow book bloggers are promoting.

Can I get on the list?
Well that depends generally on whether or not you are:
  • an author
  • publisher
  • bookblogger
How do I get on the list?
You can leave your twitter contact details in the comments below or follow me and message me via twitter.  Or if you just want to subscribe to the list itself and don't want to participate, then you can click here to subscribe.  


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