Aug 10, 2010

Reading Like A Writer

In 2008 I left a job that I had been working at for 7 years.  As a leaving present I received a book voucher to the tune of $200.  It may sound funny but when you are given $200 to burn on books it not as easy as it sounds.

Amongst the swag of non-fiction titles I purchased was Francine Prose's Reading Like A Writer. As life would have it, I didn't sit down to read the book until nearly a year later.

A Joy Discovered

This book has led me, along with having the joy of being employed part time, to discover some of those books that I may have skipped in the past because they fell well outside my area of interest and my comfort zone.  It’s a book worth picking up if you’re a reader or a writer.  It’s both a pleasure to read and quite instructive at the same time.
Below is a video featuring Francine discussing the book.  Apologies for the audio quality.


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