Dec 31, 2010

eBook Review: Horn by Peter M Ball

Horn by Peter M Ball is another brilliant Australian novella from Twelfth Planet Press.  It's a paranormal detective story.

But be prepared, this ain't your little sisters ( unless you have a rather odd family) book about faeries and unicorns. This is a hard boiled detective novel, dark and probably a little confronting for some.

The Tale
Miriam Aster ain't no Nancy Drew, either, she's an undead freelance investigator on the trail of a murderous, horny unicorn- Oh did I mention she's a Lesbian.

To give away more, would I think ruin the novella.  Horn needs to be experienced on a personal level.

My Thoughts
Now for those not reading closely, I said undead, lesbian, and horny unicorn all in the same sentence.  No this isn't some paranormal erotica gone wrong.  It's possibly the best paranormal fiction I have read all year, possibly ever. It will be confronting, it will take some of you close to edge.  But I think Ball crafts a delightfully dark little tale, revealing a more honest portrayal of the Fae, the sex, lust and double edged devious nature.

If you grew up playing Faeries and Unicorns with 'My Little Pony' you might want to skip this one.  If you are looking for great noir fiction and a good angle on paranormal fiction, read it, possibly with stiff drink in hand.


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