Dec 31, 2010

2010 The year that was

Hmm what to say:

  1. It was the first full year in our new home, where we discovered the joys of living  in an 120 year old house.
  2. It marked my return to teaching, although only relief it felt like full time
  3. I struggled to come to terms with living on reduced income
  4. I rediscovered the joy of reading and using the library
  5. I was gifted an ereader by a friend, to whom I will be eternally grateful
  6. I finished an 18 month course in Freelance Journalism and decided I probably didn't want to be a journalist
  7. I resolved to write fiction and managed to get paid for two pieces.
  8. I came to the conclusion after reading some thoroughly awful fiction that self-published eBooks could actually be, while cheap, the onset of the apocalypse.
  9. I rediscovered my people, in the sense that I got in touch with Australians writing speculative fiction, good fiction, worlds best even.
  10. I began writing about books, reviewing, and am glad to say will keep doing it next year.
Books read since August
25 or 6085 pages which works out to a book and a bit a week

Best Novel
According to my ratings on Goodreads Cory Doctorow's Little Brother which I reviewed here

Best Short Fiction
Tansy Rayner Roberts with  Siren Beat, narrowly edging out Dirk Flinthart and Peter Ball

Oh and a big thanks to the Bookblogging community, followers and subscribers


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