Aug 18, 2010

Taking the plunge–Going digital with e-books

The Adventure Begins

This post  marks the beginning of a series on my adventurers in digital reading.  Now of course anyone who has been using the internet has been engaging in reading digital formats(html, pdf ), but what I am talking about is of course the new (perhaps not so new) rage with e-books and specially designed e-book readers.

Spoiled for choice

It’s such a first world problem, having to decide which gadget to buy to read your digitally formatted classic. You can see in the Amazon  links to the left, three of the more popular readers, there are many more, each with slightly different functionality, features and draw backs. I hope to lead you through some of fluff to pin down what’s really necessary in an e-reader or indeed if you even need one(gasp!) .

 E-book Adventurers

I am an adventurer not an expert.  Opinions develop and our tastes and needs change. I hope to revisit many of the topics covered, when I find new information or change my mind.  There will be some travellers  well schooled in the art of e-book adventuring, just as there will be greenhorns.  So feel free if you have travelled further along the path or perhaps taken a different, more circuitous route, to give me and the other readers here the benefit of your wisdom.

Where to next?
Being somewhat financially challenged when lured by the siren calls of the Kindle I under took to ascertain whether or not there was some way of trying before I bought when it came to this e-reader malarkey.  I wasn’t sure if I could tear myself away from old faithful( oh the sweet smell of aged, dust covered paper) when it came to reading.

In my next post in the series I will offer some suggestions on ways you might do the same. Tentatively test the waters that is.

In the mean time, I’d like your thoughts.  Do you have a reader?  Do you want one? What’s your experience with your reader of choice? And for Australian readers do you feel you have less choice?


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