Aug 16, 2010

I declare this blog officially open

128010935_67ce3d5b33_zWelcome to any new readers and especially to those who have come via my other blog.

Many thanks goes to @naehutch from twitter for the inspired name it was either Bookonaut or Barry (don’t ask).


Why another blog?

Because I am a masochist and because I wanted to write more about the books I was reading as part of my writer training program.  I wanted to host more than just book reviews. I wanted to talk about e-readers, e-books, reading, revisiting the classics, all manner of book related stuff that doesn’t fit well into blogging about Skepticism, Atheism, Religion, Secularism.

Hey, there’s stuff here from January?

Yep.  I have ported over some of my reviews from my old blog  and labelled them with roughly the same date as I originally posted them.  You might also find links that go back to the my other blog.

What can we expect?

Well I have outlined what I would like to do on the about page.  I find that blogging (unless part of some corporate or business strategy) is a bit of an organic process –so let’s just say I intend to cover a few different book related topics and have some ideas at this stage for some regular weekly features.

Thanks for reading,



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