May 11, 2015

First Light - A Selection of Poems by Philip Hodgins

first-lightI came across Philip Hodgins quite by chance, I was doing a bulk search for Australian Poetry via the SA Library system and his name came up.  He died in 1995 from Leukaemia. A critically acclaimed poet and award winning poet, successful here and overseas.  His admirers included Les Murray, Clive James and Peter Goldsworthy.

It’s an indictment on our culture I think, that outside of  poetry circles, not many would know who he was now.  His work is approachable, grounded in rural life Australian Rules Football and towards the end of his life, the difficulties of confronting a terminal illness.

You can view his work at the Australian Poetry Library to get a taste and download a pdf copy at $3 a poem, hunt for one of his collections second hand or from tomorrow you can get you hands on the only collection of his in print, First Light.

If you’re keen, Booktopia have free shipping until midnight tonight (code: FREEBIE)*



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