May 15, 2015

Change in reviewing procedures

shot_1430530282471 So it appears that my faithful backup ereader, the old Sony PRS 505 is finally dying (8 yrs versus 11 months for my Kobo Vox).  At this point in time I can’t afford the outlay on a new reader( or a new phone) so I will be finishing off previously accepted ebook reviews by laptop. 

For the foreseeable future I will only be taking review copy in print form for novels and collections. For poetry reviews and small collections I may consider digital formats (pdf / epub).

I will also stop taking unsolicited reviews through the blog.  I have had a number of people sending me requests who obviously don’t read the blog or what I review.  I just can’t keep up with the volume.

I still intend to try and support the Australian scene as much as I can and will source review works through my contacts with traditional publishers, the Australian speculative fiction scene and Australian small press publishers.


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