Apr 1, 2011

New Interview Series - Aussie SpecFic authors on Social Media

Focus Sean-san
karate_kidIt’s always good to have a focus for your blogging and my focus this year was to read more Australian speculative fiction, promote Australian small presses and to get my inner journalist working and carryout some interviews.
So without further ado I am proud to announce that I have managed to secure interviews with some of Australia’s most acclaimed speculative fiction authors. 
Yes, you dear readers, will benefit from my hard slog, the endless hours where my fingers tapped tentatively over the keyboard… actually no, not really.  All the hard work was done by the fabulous authors that were kind enough to take time out of their precious writing day to answer my questions.
The series focuses on  an author's use and opinion of Social Media.  I will be posting an interview each Friday, for your reading enjoyment.
Who’s up first?
Rowena300First up will be Rowena Cory Daniels author of The King Rolen's Kin Trilogy, and founding member of the ROR writing cadre.  Not enough to sate your curiosity?
There’s a very extensive bio to be found here.


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