Oct 1, 2010

Stephen King on E-books - Books just a delivery system

The interviewer says that:

"The Internet in many was killed the music industry, so why won't it do it to books"  

I thought this was interesting for two reasons. The first - has the music industry been killed off or did things jut change?  Did it we lose shop fronts to internet stores?  Artists are still producing music and media companies are still finding new talent and promoting them.

I think e-books are and will continue to impact the market and I think one of the casualties will be the small independently owned bookstore unless they can figure out a way to get in on the action or perhaps change the service they provide.

Second I like King's answer - that the internet or more specifically the use of it to facilitate the purchasing of digital books may well kill the book industry as we know it and there may not be much anyone can do about it.

If you read a bit of Joe Konrath's musings on the situation, a shake-up of the publishing industry might just be long overdue.


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