Oct 19, 2010

Losing Books

Nylon Angel (Parrish Plessis)I moved just over a year ago.  

Understandably some things are still in boxes.  

Now I was over visiting Marianne de Pierres site having stumbled over a tweet about some of her newer work.

I asked whether or not her kindle titles were drm'd wanting to buy them via kindle and convert to epub for my Sony reader.  

Bear with me...

Marianne kindly took the time to ask her agent if they were (they are) but mentioned that her newer series Sentients of Orion was going to be released on Smashwords (woot!).  I thanked her for her time suggesting that I would probably round off my collection of the Paris Plessis series with the final paperback as I already had Nylon Angel, and Code Noir 

or at least I thought I did.

I never throw books away

and I have at least a couple of shelves of absolute trash to testify to this.  I have spent at least half a day checking every box in the frigging house,but to no avail Nylon Angel and Code Noir are nowhere to be seen.

The frustration is palpable - though in reality its a first world problem™.

Tell me what books have you lost?  Does losing books induce migraine forming frustration? Or do you favour a Buddhist approach and consider the book as already lost before you buy it?


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