Feb 27, 2011

Salon Futura Interview with Gary K Wolfe

Below is an interview conducted by Cheryl Morgan of Salon Futura fame.  She's interviewing Gary K. Wolfe who some readers may recognize as the American half of the Coode Street Podcast, the other being Jonathan Strahan.

The video runs to about 35 minutes and has some interesting points and observations to make about reviewing.  I found the discussion toward the end where Cheryl and Gary talk about publishers and the pressure placed on reviewers to review to a set timetable revealing.  I agree with Gary too when he says it doesn't take long for the novelty of a free book to wear off.

The interview was promoted at Salon Futura Issue 6 worth checking out if you are a SpecFic fan.

Interview with Gary K. Wolfe from Cheryl Morgan on Vimeo.

For those interested in critical reviewing Gary has a book of critical essays out called

Evaporating Genres: Essays on Fantastic Literature

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