Nov 23, 2010

Another Aussie Spec-fic podcast - The Writer and the Critic

I chanted to dark gods, inhaled the narcotic aroma of my Bushells coffee and and rattled my fingers, clickty-clack, over the keyboard to divine yet another quality podcast for you my acolytes readers.

And I as I chanted to the great Gu Gaal and the trickster god Tweettyr I came across the monthly podcast - The Writer and The Critic.

The Writer and The Critic
Here we have a monthly podcast.  The brainchild of Ian Mond (the Critic) who has dragged Kirstyn McDermott(the writer) to the table to talk about books.  They are only up to episode one, but the quality of the podcast, it production values, and the chemistry of the two hosts has me betting that we will get at least a 12 show season out of this beast. 

The Premise
The show follows the general outline of News, Book Reviews and Tangential Supplementaries.  Our hosts recommend a book that they liked to each other, and they then review those two books in the next show.  This months was Deathless - a yet to be released tome from  Catherynne M. Valente and the award winning The Book Thief.

The Goods
For your listening pleasure:

Episode 1: Deathless and The Book Thief - The Writer and the Critic

Gods can be fickle creatures at the best of times and one should only drink so much coffee.  Have you heard of any Australian book related podcasts worth listening to?


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