Jan 25, 2010


noun: a pilot or navigator of books
[Middle English bok, from Old English boc; see bhago+ Greek nautassailor; see nau- in Indo-European roots]

Adventures of a Bookonaut is a blog that charts my adventures into the wonderful world of the written and bound word.  The blog features:
  • Reviews of the books I read
  • News relevant to booklovers
  • Musings on the changing nature of reading ie E-readers, audiobooks
  • Videos and multi - media on writing and reading.

The Author:

My name is Sean. I do go under the moniker of Sean the Blogonaut( I like this -naut suffix hey?) and it happens to be the name of my other blog.  

I am a Secular Humanist and Skeptic and I am fairly active those areas online.  What has this got to do with books? Not much, but for some people, finding out that I don't belief in the existence of Allah or Yaweh or a human soul presents a problem for them. Me, I'd rather get past that and talk about books, find our commonalities.

I currently work as a temporary relief teacher, teaching from grades 1 through to 12 while I study Journalism part time. I have in the past worked as a pizza delivery driver, a security guard, a workplace trainer for an international company and as an activities coordinator fro a community mental health service.

 I live in rural South Australia in the midst of wheat fields in a  120 year old farm house which has it's own history book.


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