Jan 26, 2013

Booktopia Free Shipping in celebration of Australia Day

first-australiansBooktopia has free shipping on again - instructions at the end of the post.

So in honour of Australia day I thought I would push some Australian content.

In DVD’s, First Australians is a good series. Anyone proudly wrapping themselves in an Aussie flag today should gain an understanding of our less than proud history. It’s not all poppies and slouch hats.

bully-beef-balderdashAnd while on that topic, you could also check out Bully Beef and Balderdash which takes a look at some of the myths surrounding the AIF.

But for the Speculative Fiction peeps it might be worth taking a look at Threshold , a series that come out in 2005, starring none other than Peter Dinklage and Brent Spiner


For the Margo Lanagan fans it might be worth checking out the hardcovers of some of her books, including the overseas editions.

Have a happy Australia Day.






Here’s their instructions:

The FREE SHIPPING promotion code is: HOLIDAY

Simply place an order before midnight Monday the 28th January (wherever you are in Australia) with the promotion code HOLIDAY and you will receive free shipping on your order. The promotion code can be used as many times as you, or your family and friends, want on any orders between now and then.

To receive free shipping on any order YOU MUST TYPE the WORD.

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